Afraid Of Being A Dick? (being outspoken)

1 Minute…

I have this conversation where outspoken people ( who I was years ago), seem to hold speaking like a badge of honor.. Get over yourself..

I did a vow of silence right, & it was the most amazing tool to show me how to shut the fuck up!
So, Kodak are you saying be all holy & shit? NAH! Never That…

BUT….. your strength is saying things with love, at the right time, in the perfect moment & that takes such skill that most people do not have.. Let’s face the facts, you feel that fake ass confidence when you so called “tell someone about themselves”, now am I saying I have never done it? Do not be silly, you know me, the most authentic book you might come across- of course I have, until I learned how to save my words & be a walking breathing YODA..lmao… kidding…

I like to save my breath, & what we do not realize in being so damn outspoken is, most people are not ready to make changes, most people are discussing their process of learning, looking for validation really, & most importantly not from you, from themselves. In the moment just be there, just be all in ( until you are not, for me my body tells me now) then offer a loving phrase ( not a feel better phrase), a simple loving phrase & shut the fuck up…..

Until when? Until next time…They will be back, because you are loving them to realize you remember times when life was so hard for you or someone you love.. Please remember what is easy for you is hard for someone else & vice versa.

Leave your self-righteous horse to someone else.

Kodak’s Journey

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