Asking for space in a relationship? Time will serve you Well…

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In my last relationship (my marriage), we were having some real fucked up moments, & with all the stress, my ex asked for space… At that point, I was blown away she would ask, & I assumed that meant ugh how? At that point after 7 years w/out a breakup or more than 1 day sleeping apart it was gonna be rough.

Funny thing whether a marriage, relationship or friend space helps, space serves up clarity & offers you the opportunity to see clearly again. Space sometimes helps you “miss” which is just the opportunity to focus on their positive qualities again. Space also helps you focus on what you might want, & sometimes face it, that is too damn hard to do when you are in the middle of issues, or massive problems with another person.

Remember anytime you & a friend were mad, hurt, or angry with each other ( or even just wanted time alone), you needed space.. Space to just clear your fucking mind, & a person to realize this would be the best thing right now. Now, when you are paying attention to your guidance, that space can come in walks, runs, music, etc… but sometimes we do not pay attention long enough for our individual issues to bubble up, painfully.

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