Being Blunt W/Out Love is Insensitive…

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I am ecstatic to know what I know now about being blunt, honest & outspoken. I was that girl, for many years, then people were that to me.

When I began deep feeling, & hearing my ex, I realized how harsh I was, & how some people were really hurt even if they do not say it. Does it mean I am always perfect? NAH….

We really should stop holding people to perfect living, just daily better living.

I have worked with children & parents for many years now, & I now see how much shame we all carry over something. My coach told me if you can not say it with love, they do not hear you (take it in), & you wasted your words, or tortured them even more. You did not support them.

Shutting Up is a learned skill, as is all my other Stress Free Tools, they also make it faster & easier.

If you are doing it to someone else, because you need to be “REAL”, get over yourself, you have done just as many stupid things! You have, so what, if what they do makes no sense to you, guess what? It does not have to, even if this is your child.

I find that I get way more information with love, with genuine questions, versus lecture mode!

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