Bumps in the road remind you of what you are not aware OF…

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Claim Your Power, Change Your Life!

When we are doing our healing work, our shadow work, the work where you dig deep into your emotions to make your dreams come true, where you dig deep into pain you have hidden to be a better parent & or better person in this world.

Do you want to live a life of constant stress, mediocre emotion & okay days at work? Or do you want to live big, feel big, love big, bold & strong? The choice is always ours & even though it is not an easy choice, it is a choice we make or not.

Life is a series of adjustments & the bumps will always be around, the bumps will always come up, even at your best times. The more “okay” emotionally you are the easier it is.
For example, when we run down the train of blame & just being unkind to ourselves we will always feel worse.
Talk to yourself as you would a child that was learning.

Kodak’s Happiness Journey

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