Can Cardi B Make Your Mood Rise?

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I was talking to a friend the other day, and we were “vibing” about Cardi B.. Cardi B, is not a favorite of mine, but since I love music I allowed this convo.

My friend who’s uber spiritual, all about happiness & positivity happens to really like her ( just youtube her if you have no clue who I am referring to).. I was interested in why.. We shared our interesting perspectives about who she is & what we enjoyed about her as a person..

How can I enjoy anything about someone I do not prefer? Easy, find their positive traits, there is something about everyone, even people you hate that you could love. The reason it is so hard is only because of momentum & the stories we keep telling, & reenacting regarding that person. Anyway, I love her ability to uplift others, WTF, Jessica how does a stripper uplift others?

Same way your children love people you could not even imagine liking, there is a vibration ( mood/feeling) that they resonate with. This could be their walk, talk, or way they make you feel, remember that anything you focus on wanted or unwanted gives us a feeling.

So what do I resonate with about a stripper turned rapper ( whose lyrics I do not love), the fact that no matter where you are on the emotional scale there is always an amazing person you can look up to, & for all the people who can not yet resonate with major happy vibes, or the Tony Robbins of the world also need someone on their level.

I love to be reminded that these people exist. So Cardi, love you homie! Plus you are funny as Hell..

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