Can I Take Drugs 4 A Little Relief?

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So, I went from judge you, your momma, & your brother to compassionate Jane. How? I thought you might ask..

By realizing how damn hard life is for all of us, & by understanding that all the people you think have it all figured out do not, even when they look like they do. Hell Yea, Kim Kardashian looks like she has it all figured out.

Remind yourself of this, she has it all figured out in the finance category but might suck at friendships, self-worth or parenting. We all have a category we are awesome in, & something where all our shadows hide, our deep secrets..

Just when you figure out something, & you feel hella proud, as you should, another bubble is ready for growth, for expansion for you to reach the next height.

So, I started looking at drugs this way ( on top of the fact that I am passionate about children & mental health), I have family & friends who smoke weed or pop pills, many of us do, some money making friends might be popping better pills than the 16 year old boy from the hood, but trust & believe they are doing it for the same reason…

RELIEF! RELIEF! RELIEF! We all have something we do, not mentally & emotionally healthy that moves past coping, & into “The New Ways I can Hide”

Guess what I found out? You can never outrun your shadows, your family issues, your childhood wounds, they just find more creative ways to hide.

Where does mine hide? In Over-eating… & I am hella proud to tell you that…..


Kodak’s Happiness Journey

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