I Could Die, So I Can’t Stop..

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I love Puff Daddy, yes, all my life, & anyone who knows me well would know he is an amazing creative genius who has always inspired me. When I think of him or read posts he writes on social media, I think of someone who found out how crucial it is for you to talk to your self, how crucial it is to make new thoughts from old thoughts that do not help you in life!

AKA. Limiting beliefs.

Recently his musical documentary Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop came out & of course I loved it, it served many synchronistic moments for me.
In the movie he discussed how much he sat on his stoop in Mount Vernon, NY as a kid & saw the neighbors in their pool. He started saying to himself, “I do not like this feeling & I want a pool”.

Now to the average mind, that is a regular, shmegular, statement but to the mind ( no shmegular is not a word) lol, being retrained that means desire, momentum (aka speed), & universal power came into effect.

Just think for a second what it would take you to focus, on purpose to make major shifts & changes in your life, to feel confident, secure, respected, loved & down right fabulous?

Kodak’s Happiness Journey

Photo by Marcela Laskoski on Unsplash

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