Discomfort is Normal to Many, but We are Not Fine!

1 Minute Read….

Negative Emotion & Discomfort is okay to feel, it is not okay to hold.. Many of us (me before age 25), have been trained to pain, so we seem so strong, we can handle anything right?
Wrong, things eat us up the same way, & every so often we have a negative experience to remind us what pain we hide, what pain we numb, & how deep that pain goes.

So I want to share a few points with you, because I love you…

– Your feelings just want to be hear, just allowing them is what they want
– Every feeling has a message
– Be pickier about feeling good, feeling better & finding relief
-Focus on anything that feels good

If you did just that you would see how easy it is to feel, how important it is, & how much better & deeper life feels by feeling..

Kodak’s Happiness Journey

Photo by Michael Mims on Unsplash

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