Ever been cheated on? Ask yourself how did they get YOU?

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So, I have been cheated on once, (actually by a girl), my wife to be exact. I could never be cheated on again, SAY WHAT? Yep, I could never be cheated on again. HOW?

Well, not all people have or will be cheated on in their life, but some always will.
Does it have to do with knowing where they are, checking their phone or questioning their whereabouts? NOPE… I did none of those things, & I never will..

I am not afraid to be hurt, because it is unlikely, damn near impossible to create the same energy once you become aware of your issues, the issues that led you to be a perfect match to that experience.. Cheating is an experience, like someone stealing your money & it will only happen when we are oblivious to our guidance system (aka emotions), not your I should have known feeling.

Once you learn how powerful you are in this game, & once you utilize everything that you experience as a “perfect match”, you will see what you do not yet know about yourself, emotionally. Forgiveness is selective remembering, & I still, & will always love my ex will all my heart. Funny thing is, with energy work I see where I could also atone for my mistakes. Now, you do not do this as soon as these things happen to you, but you get so much better with not going the fuck off when they do.
This has nothing to do with being fearful of love, nothing to do with you paying more attention to their actions, this has to do with YOU, if you really want to change & create even better energy for yourself.

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