Ever Wanted Someone To Die?

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This segment is to serve as a daily workbook style blog, where you can join my mind (my ego mind that is) in all it’s loveless thinking either from myself or people I speak with.

The Twisted Ego is just our shadow side, our dark side, our loveless side, the side we have had all our lives, and it speaks through the voice in your head.

I am so ready to have you feel even more compelled to begin your spiritual journey to reach happiness, inner- peace and clarity in all aspects of your life. All thought creates form on some level, and since this journey to self-awareness begins with paying attention, it will begin with me. ENJOY!

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So I had been meditating for my aunt and her husband for quite some time and I have seem magic in my meditation for others. There is no order of difficulty of miracles for your Internal Teacher (GOD, ALLAH, TREES) whatever the hell you choose to call it. Well it finally happened, she saw him in a supermarket and boy oh boy did that ego go.

Twisted Ego Says: Please, he treated me bad, he owes me money and I could never forgive him. He is mean, sad and disgusts me practically. I do not choose to say hello because he is an asshole, and basically I do not want bad for him, but I can not be around him. Fuck people who think they can do me wrong.

Coping Says: Stay away until so much time has passed that I think I forgot.

Spiritual Healing Says: The Ego loves the past vs. this present moment, and YES, it is hard as shit to be in front of someone in this moment and not every other moment you know of them. As much as we want to believe we think people change, our brain holds them to fire and hell, a place where they are never allowed to make it right, a place where we constantly tell the universe we do not want to commit to forgiveness, change or peace. Trust and believe in your energetic field all that shit sits in there. So, begin today sending love to any person you have issues and problems with, any person you cringe to hear their name. Whomever is saner at the time is the one who will pray.

No matter what you think, people feel you subconsciously when you send them energetic love and healing.


Signed, My Happiness Journey



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