What The F…. Is Self-Compassion?

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One thing I love about The Stress-Free Academy, is that these are the topics I can easily offer to people who are on their journey. How many years does it take someone, someone random to have clarity about being nice to yourself? How? Criticizing does motivate me? Well, I have learned it is horrible, you do not feel great doing it, & you should stop getting accustomed to being a jerk to yourself. This life is YOU, & YOU, & YOU!.

Get ready: Self- Compassion is not beating up on yourself mentally, soothing yourself as you would a child who is learning.

That is it, really, no really, talking to your inner-child is the same thing, it is re-training how you speak to yourself, how wonderful you think you are, because guess what? Your God, Internal Teacher (whatever you call it), is always happy with you, & attempting to let you know that. Keeping your connection is where 85 percent of my happiness comes from.

Kodak’s Happiness Journey

Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

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