Forgive Me, Those Were My Demons..

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There is a song by Meghan Trainor that I LOVE, & in it they say:

Forgive Me, Those Were My Demons..

We all fuck up, some worse then others… Some so painful we could not even imagine so we hide.

Be easier on yourself, & be easier on others. ( After an Anger Release of, course)

This led me to think about how much resistance it takes us to forgive, & to forgive because we want to feel better, not because it means you let the other person go free for doing fucked up shit. I often write on my FB page that your practice of healing & stress free living is about changing your beliefs & perspectives, & on releasing what can not be controlled. Actually so we are both clear, there is nothing you control but your reaction, your beliefs, & how you feel.
The power & freedom I feel practicing that everyday is what leads me to want to share it, it feels so amazing to care about how you feel, to take the emotional journey before any action, & or to do what I want. The feeling can not be described in words, but if I could it would be no short of Powerful, Free, Clear, & Optimistic.
How often do you feel free in this world? How often do you worry?

Worry, Ha, him & I are no longer friends..

I know exactly what to do now to create Stress Free Living. I can teach you too.

That is unless you like being doubtful, & stressed out? Your CHOICE.


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