I Only Have 2 Prayers, Thank you & I Need Help..

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I have experiences, & those experiences are spoken from my mind & soul. Please understand that I am here to teach you how to practice your emotions, to shed some light on things you might not know, or even things you want to think about deeper.
I am a Teacher, an Uplifter at my core.
I make lots of reference to my Catholic days, ( I actually studied Muslim, Christianity, Judaism & Atheist for awhile), because that is my experience. (Take it with a grain of salt).
Ok, back to the basics.

I was a lot more fearful, & sad in organized religion, not because of God, but because of the way they were teaching me about God. I mean when I began looking into who I thought God was, (now my Internal Teacher), I realized I had to shift my entire psych to be clear that if I was to go any further in achieving my fullest potential I needed to make a decision that God ( or whomever), loved me, never judged me, did not care if I got a tattoo, or that I had sex before I got married. The beauty of this is that our beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinking, just choices, I am sorry, let me say it again. Just CHOICES! So Jessica, if my belief is just a choice, everything I believe I could choose to believe something different? HELL YEA! WOOOOOOOOOOOO, talk about the feeling of relief, talk about realizing you have your own power.
That lovely energy whether it has a name or not is never, ever, ever, ever, ever mad with you or looking down upon you, or asking you to ask him for forgiveness because you are not worthy of his love. WTF! I’m sorry, it just sounds so bogus to me now, that I am in full on hysterics here in the library.

My prayers are only Thank, You & I Need Help.

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