Guess What Fake It Till You Make It Means?

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Fake it till you make it means? Are you ready? It means you are numb as hell, there is nothing you are faking, & even though we clearly see “action”, “money”, “promotions” & more in our physical world, your mind will always replay what the heart has not forgotten.
As Gabrielle Bernstein says: “You can not avoid your universal assignments, you can only postpone them!

Honey, that means you could be 50 & that jealousy you felt as kid still comes up, the reason you keep letting your sister do what she wants, it means those 5 drinks no one knows you drink every night are helping you still cope, those cakes you eat, & not even notice (ME), also have a message. Learn to play the game & you win, you make your emotions & ego comfortable, because now your brain notices you are no longer scared of the pretend mental prison these pains keep you in. There will never be a time in my life again, where I pretend, where I sit like I do not hurt about something, or like do something I do not want & guess what? There is always more to see, over time, even more issues come out.
This is how you create all you want in your life, how you reach your fullest potential, have a stress-free blissful life, put yourself first, & be who the hell you want to BE!

Kodak’s Happiness Journey

Photo by Kayla Velasquez on Unsplash

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