I Hate When White People Smile!

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Relax, I did not say I hate white people, I hate when they smile, okay, I do not still hate when they smile but most of my childhood I did. We all have some issue we never shared, this is one of mine. (Even though I share many)

Really I did, they always seemed as if life in NYC was so awesome, so amazing and I always would think to self what is there to smile about! My life in no way made sense, it was not funny or exciting, I was learning how to survive. Learning how to survive and hide from everyone that that is what you are doing is difficult for many of us.

Now fast forward a decade to being 25 years old and being so desperate to find happiness, joy, and cleaning out my mind..

You know, whether your situation was this bad or not bad at all we all have that monkey brain that never stops thinking! I found that each of us has a different life experience (all with wounds) that we are in adult bodies and emotionally still children and as soon as someone hits that “feeling, wound, thought or old pain it arises and we become who we never thought we would be.

So no, I am not saying to go around in your adult body mad at people who seem to have it easier because you will not understand them and they will not understand you, but I am saying that the more we ask questions, the more curious we get about someone else’s experience or life the better we make other people, the more heard we all feel and the more validated our internal turmoil eases and cleans itself out.

This alone is a recipe for better human beings, human beings who have perspective in life!

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