Keep Complaining.. I Love To Complain!

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Complaining is so easy, so simple & pretty damn good for releases. Can we face it, complaining does not mean you are not spiritual or positive, for God’s sake, it is how we often cope.
Now…. Here is a gem I learned, timed complaining is a tool I use (in my bag of tricks) where I tell myself, my mind, out loud or inside how I feel, & I allow myself to complain.. Sometimes I even call my best friends & share the fuck shit going on inside of me.

Now, another gem is, it is easier, quicker, & much better spiritually to complain to yourself or a coach/therapist. Why? Just like humans can not handle angry people well, they can not handle complaining well either. You have the right to feel a way, always, but you do not have the right to over- complain ( what we all do until we know a better way).
I guarantee if you try “Timed Complaining” your life will change this week!
The problem only arises in the fact that if you pretend you are “not in your feelings”, you talk it out in your head, or you complain for days, weeks, months about the same thing you never were honest about in the first place.

I make a consistent habit of telling myself the brutal truth now, because I am no longer scared of big, uncomfortable emotions, I know this is all a game, & baby I have learned HOW to play this game.

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