Let’s Take An Emotional Selfie!

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You and I both know how difficult it can be to let go and release pain, to get over heartbreaks whether from your parents or someone you’ve dated, but “What If”…..

What If…. the timing of that release can not be decided by us, “What If” each tear you cry, each person you tell and each video or blog you post enhances that release while creating better pictures/selfies for the people who read/watch? What if that year of heartbreak that feels so stupid to you is helping another’s “emotional selfie” by watching how you weave your pain together?

An Emotional Selfie, healing pieces of us as complex human beings one tear at a time. I write and post because it is my calling given by God, to boldly share my life experiences for others, especially in my generation.

How does Xmas affect this?

Xmas and Holidays are difficult for so many of us, for both YOU & I, I struggle with anxiety and Panic Attacks and much of that is from the tears, each tear that has made me the amazing person that I am, but has also contributed to the pain I carry.

I watched xmas movies this weekend and cried my eyes out, sometimes I have no reason why I cry, does this ever happen to YOU? I figured it did! UGH! Sometimes I feel such a release, other times I am so sick of feeling anything! Anywho, watching these movies allows me to continue mending heartbreak and pain still within me,

AND, the funny thing about a Selfie is, you have no clue what goes on behind a smile or a picture. This means YOU watching me or even ME when I watch you.

So I came to a conclusion, that as complex human beings we will always have these emotional tears, some deeper and wider than other people but we all have some nonetheless. If I allowed myself to vocalize that experience more it would not only help weave my tears, help others, but also make me more confident in understanding that my tears are to be embraced and that no-one is here to understand me. I can share, but we can not look for someone to understand who we are, WHY?

They have not had the life and experiences you have had! Now go take your Emotional Selfie…

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