Love Never Fails.. It Changes Form

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I have a tattoo that says Love Never Fails.., this tat was a reminder to me after making a relationship change with my ex that love is so real. Love is the highest force, the highest level of your soul, this world, & every human being on this earth.
Lack of love, is when people emotionally & mentally become so far from love that they basically hallucinate & no longer remember what love was.

Tell a new story, love changes form… Breakups? Love changed form, death? Love changed form, friendships shifting? Love changed form. The issue really comes because we are in this society where we are taught “lack” all things, & fear, & we somewhere along those lines forget how real LOVE is, how real happiness & joy is, & the amazing things people do when they are tapped into these qualities.

Ever been hurt? Betrayed? That was just someone who forgot what LOVE really is, what sucks is then because we are hurt, & do not often know what else to do we pull our love away, (loving thought that is), no one said you had to be in their company. What happens though is that people have been taught to let go, move away from and often be mean or ghosted by the people they once loved. WHY?

The world has taught us that love is conditional, that love can only go around a certain amount of times.
That thinking will always make love difficult.


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