“New Kids” Are Sensitive, To Push You Into Your Pain..

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Guess what?

I have been living, practicing, researching, & documenting parents & their children for years now. I innately have a connection to children & their parents, I always have but it is even better now. This leads me to have massive clarity on the emotions, pain & struggle of both, which leads me to want to offer tools for both to be their best selves.

I realized a few things:
1. Now we care about bullying
2. Kids seem more sensitive
3. Now globally we are heavily discussing mental health
4. Kids commit suicide faster now

I thought WHY? These things always existed but why did they not matter generations ago?

I came to clarity that it is because newer generations are born knowing you will not convince them not to feel, you will not control them, & they will show us how to feel, & how not to suppress pain..

I love these newer generations!

Kodak’s Happiness Journey

Photo by Michael Mims on Unsplash

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