People hate your pain because they have not felt Theirs

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When my ex & broke up I was heartbroken, I noticed the few people who I shared my pain with were in 1 of 2 categories..

1. Wanted me to not cry, to push forward, to move on, to act as if I was better than her, to find someone else or to really be mad at her ( people who previously loved her)..
2. There was only (1) person who fit in this category, which was to listen to me ALL THE time & really “hear my pain”, while constantly allowing me to play “victim”.

This year with more research & clarity about relationships, supporting yourself & loving others I found out what the best Emotional Freedom, Stress Free Tip would be in this case.
No one knew how to let me just FEEL, without a word, or to wait until my steam gave out.

Now, of course I am not angry or mad, I have clear clarity on why my heartbreak even lasted (6) months, why I constantly thought of the bad thoughts & fucked up experiences my ex & I had, negating all the great times we had.

What the hell was it Kodak? Our feelings just want to be felt, the more I talked, & thought about all those bad times made the momentum (invisible energy) bigger & bigger which often made me sadder & sadder, or sometimes madder & madder..
I was not focusing (after the pain), on what I now wanted, I completely kept focusing (by default) on the negative.

These are the skills I offer people in Happy Habitz, the tools that will give you Emotional Freedom, but they take practice. So Join my Facebook Group…

Kodak’s Happiness Journey

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