Your Personal Development Might Be Holding You Back..

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Personal Development & Spirituality are not the same thing, I recently shared this with a great friend. I know they relate well, they also both contain mindset retraining, but your soul is way deeper than being all about your business, health, or career. Emotional Healing is a lifelong (it gets easy), journey of creating your destiny, creating it by removing & releasing the blocks, & interferences to reaching the highest connection between self & your Internal Teacher.
Now, by proxy, you create (aka.manifest), along the way, some easier than others, shit, some way easier than others. I have yet to find another way to be Stress-Free, than this, & that is coming from a girl who lived easily 20 of 30 years MISERABLE!. This is way easier to me because I feel powerful, I feel like I have control, stupid shit does not keep my attention long (it is supposed to annoy you), & I finally really can say I DO NOT BELIEVE MY INTERNAL TEACHER JUDGES ME!.
So it is awesome to do both, but please do not think because you engage in Personal Development it is getting deep into your issues.

WORD! That was so dope!

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