Resistance= Stubborn Thoughts

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As usual, I was listening to my coach, & watching Abraham, well Abraham connected this light bulb moment for me from my spirit.

What was that light bulb moment?

The fact that our Resistance is our “Stubborn Thoughts”!

Marianne Williamson always says there are only (2) emotions, Fear & Love, that is the truest statement I ever heard. We are trained here to believe in fear, we see it, we watch it, we do not clean & uplift ourselves from it until we get the flu, a headache, a bad grade, or lose a friend for example.
We often do not have huge issues, we have small issues that went unnoticed, unacknowledged, & invalidated for so long they now are HUGE..
In our subconscious are all things we experienced, felt, heard, saw & did not soothe or clean out, imagine that over 12 months, 2 years, even 20 years, then you wonder why people are crazy or can not live their best life!
Naturally, many people can obtain material items, look successful & really reach this “American Dream” but…….. does that get them true love, peace, happiness, joy? No, it gets them surface emotion, fleeting emotion & the drive to keep getting more to stay happy.
These things are like drugs.
Just because you are not on crack/cocaine does not mean you do not have your own drug, something you gain validation from because you are so scared to look underneath of the surface, under the car hood.

Try it for a week, & watch your life change before your eyes.

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