“Sorry” by Beyonce feels like Relief when we feel Powerless!

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I love hip-hop, rap & ratchet ass music, music was my hope growing up. Music kept me from suicide & music still fills my soul with uber good shit..

Anywho, I get real hype when “Sorry” by Beyonce used to come on, & it seems normal right? NAH..

Why do we also like songs like this? They help us relate, they remind us all how HUMAN we are.
You see the Emotional Scale, towards Emotional Freedom, begins with relief, & feeling better. Happiness is actually not realistic, depending on where you are in the moment.

Realistic Happiness begins with feeling better everyday about every subject in your life. Almost every feeling up the scale stems from feeling “Powerless”, when you feel powerless over anything coming up the scale can lead you in anger, blame, shame, hope then higher & higher.
I totally understand now why some people, because you do not know their life, desires & or where they were yesterday emotionally can seem, “not positive, not grateful,”.

Almost look for relief… For any emotion low or high. In another blog I am going to share the Emotional Scale.
Kodak’s Happiness Journey

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

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