You Suppress Emotion To Survive! That Sucks..

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I am always studying or working with other coaches to create easier techniques that I can use, well, the other day I heard this amazing thought: “Suppression is just fighting for your life, in an attempt to maintain your connection to your Internal Teacher.
Well Jessica WTH does that mean?

Sorry, here it goes, this means that in life (remember we are always hiding how we feel, we are taught to bury our emotions, pretend (the world is coming out of that now wooohoooo) that we are good. Right, when you ask people how they are they always say good, or I can’t complain ( btw, those are not phrases of happiness). So we suppress early on how we feel, what we feel, or even why we feel just to “keep going”, over time, this leaves us numb, with a high tolerance for pain & feeling bad.
Every day I learn how to reduce that level of pain, because I learned that life is supposed to feel good, that things actually are supposed to work out for you, that you actually should be HAPPY!

Sounds foreign huh? So I now dedicate my life, my passion, my words to undoing all the pain, & hiding I experienced for over 2 decades. My promise to everyone that reads my blog, or joins my group, or even calls me because their life sucks, is that I can teach you how to take the shortcut to Stress Free Living, how you can unwind the addiction you have to being a victim, to feeling powerless in this society & world, to feeling insecure & doubtful, or to pretending you do not feel any of those ways.

Kodak’s Happiness Journey

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