The Truth Still Hurts The Most..

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I go to my “Drawing Board” ( where I gain massive intuition, clarity & passion) on any endeavors, & I had been pondering doing a project 365 days.

So, even though I already blog consider this your news, that 8/25/17 is Day1 of Project365..Happy Habitz Style..

Back to the regular scheduled program..

I realized last year that everyday I gain more “In Real Life” scenarios where we can see where we lie, ( to ourselves or others), where we tell stories that do not help us move forward, & or where we can see ourselves in others. When my sister laughs at me (Dana) #forevasis, because I get so hype to play this mirror game..

What is the game you ask? The concept that everyone is a mirror & we live in a reality where we all have a shadow side, a shadow side we spend our lives running from.
YES, because for the truth or a lie, it still hurts the most.. Think about these (3) things:
1. To tell the truth/lie to someone you love, that will hurt their feelings (even though it is well meaning)
2. To tell yourself a truth you can not even face, sounds so easy but trust me, there are things right now you will not admit, or have not even realized
3. Another person you are hard on or dislike usually carries that issue & it lights fire under it- aka in your FACE NOW..
Plus our minds are scared to see things that will help us grow, so they help us hide, hide behind jobs, faces, bodies, money anything you can think of!

How did I notice? I stopped being so self-righteous to others issues, I stopped having such major feelings to fucked up shit ( it was not personal), & I understand on a clear level that life is hard shit.

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