Unblock Your Vibe With Anger Releases

There are a few things I have learned, I mean many things I have learned on my own journey of Introspection. My life journey that not 1 degree, and I have 3 prepared me for.

Why is there not a class yet on life, on ups & downs, trials and tribulations, emotions, validation, authenticity, self-esteem and fuck it Dating & Relationships for teens?

Sidebar.. We are now living in a time that people are noticing how crucial meditation, clearing the mind, and introspection really are BUT…. (STILL A BIG BUT) it still is not a necessity and fuck do we need it as humans.

Anywho, one thing I have that I offer in my community, my Soul Tribe as Mastin Kipp would say are techniques, tools, cheat sheets, and options, fuck options are so important to this journey. Oh here is the link so you can come over——-


One of my all time favorite techniques I learned from Melody Fletcher the best Law Of Attraction teacher I know, and that technique is an Anger Release.

Do you want a Cheat Sheet on how to do it? Come on over to my group and baby just ask away!

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