When You Lose It All $5.00 Means A Lot

1-2 minute read…..

You grow a huge appreciation for life (if aware at all), when you lose all of your stability.
My marriage (as in being together), and all other external things that basically make us feel secure went away in my life.
So you say well what did I do? On a deep level, a level you do not understand unless you have lived this, I came to a point where I realized there comes a time in all our lives- in different aspects of life where we are forced to look to something bigger then ourselves.
WTH is it? God, Buddha, Trees, Soul, Skin, Nature whatever the hell you want to believe in.
Everything of mine was pulled from under me in a short amount of time (for a human of course).

When you are forced back into a small financial budget, much smaller (fuck the number), from what you were used to for over 7 years nothing feels real.
In the big scheme of things (real, raw, life) external things are small as shit and fucking insignificant.

The experience made me realize that!

Action Plan..
1. Create stillness in your life to meet more real shit and less external shit
2. Ask yourself what really matters to me and spend time there
3. Live Today (which can mean, act like the young person you once were in spirit (not experience)
4. Have more “fuck” it moments, where you just do what you want- nothing society wants you to do

Signed Kodak’s Happiness Journey