Who said you cried all your tears of pain, sadness, frozen Emotion?

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I really embrace, honor & almost have a deep love for tears & sadness. Why?

Sounds ridiculous Jessica, if you know me, you would understand more.

Guess what? Feeling negative emotions helps you really process your frozen emotion, it helps you really FEEL.. I also noticed that the more I feel the “bad, negative, run away emotions”, the bigger & deeper I FEEL the positive, happy, excited, playful, confident emotions. This also really helps me understand people, & have a mind & heart full of compassion. The more fun I recognize & desire, the more presents itself, the more happiness presents itself.

I feel sooooooo happy these days, with myself & with many, many others. Now, there is way more happiness I can feel, & I have given myself permission to let everyone else off the hook of my emotional stability. The issue? Many of us do not even have as much emotional stability as we would like to think. When things are good, people are nice & kind or validate us, we feel like we are on top of the world (as you should, chill out).

BUT! You get hooked to always having that, even from your parents, relationships & friends, & it sucks (afterword), because not only do you not feel as deep as you can, or the freedom I feel, but you are lost, you beat yourself up, you down yourself & then all the thoughts (you still think, but they hide well), come out like a monster under the bed.

So cry more, love more, laugh more, live more, think more.. Then do shit..


Kodak’s Happiness Journey

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